VTE Smartersolutions BV

VTE Smartersolutions BV, part of the VTE Groep BV, is no longer just a manufacturer of underfloor heating units and related products, VTE smartersolutions BV has now grown into a true specialist in piping systems, underfloor heating and cooling systems that exclusively focus on the professional. Our wide range of qualitative systems is a relief for every professional.

This is partly because we are also professionals, with decades of theoretical and practical experience in HVAC


VTE Next BV is a company that is engaged in the production of, among other things, plastic parts and end products for underfloor heating and pipe systems which are sold to various countries within Europe and beyond.

Product development

Our internal product engineers are already working on our behalf today on the products and systems that you as a professional will need in the future. But our product engineers do not do this alone, they do this in constant consultation with the professional! Yes, indeed we listen to your comments and needs and convert them into workable, affordable quality.


Besides its own products and / or assembly, VTE Next BV has many more possibilities for European trade companies. This combination makes it possible to offer the craftsman a quality product range that has never been brought together before at reasonable prices. In addition to our standard program, we can offer tailor-made solutions in many areas.

VTE Projects BV

VTE projects BV is engaged in the following specialisms:

  • Guidance regarding the installation of underfloor heating systems
  • Assistance in the installation of dry and wet construction renovation systems
  • Assistance with milling sand / cement & concrete floors
  • Calculation of underfloor heating projects
  • Advice & engineering underfloor heating installations
  • CAD drawings, drafting reports and revision drawings
  • Delivery & logistics underfloor heating systems
  • Supervision of the installation of post-controls and home automation

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A very extensive program in the field of underfloor heating and piping systems!