VTE Controls & Accessories

VTE supplies various efficient controls for heating systems, large or small: whether underfloor heating, radiators or a combination thereof, can have a major influence on the comfort in your home, office or industrial building.

Current energy prices make it important to create heat in the spaces where it is needed. In addition to increasing the comfort and flexibility of the desired control, energy saving is therefore of great importance.

Not only in homes with a home office or an office building or industrial hall, but also when, for example, the desire to heat a children's room or entire floor separately, independently of the other rooms in the object to be heated, VTE offers a good solution. In addition to the systems that we display on our site, we also supply highly advanced systems for large objects.

A home or office is divided into different zones within which different temperatures can be created. The various rooms are kept at the desired temperature by means of their own thermostat or measuring points. Even if only one room needs to be heated, VTE offers a solution.

Particularly with central heating systems to which underfloor heating is also connected, it can be very important to operate the different floors separately with heating via radiators via a zone control.

With district heating (where hot water at a constant pressure is available throughout the home), such a zone control is easier to install. We therefore recommend that when applying underfloor heating to district heating, it should always be regulated separately with its own thermostat so that the rooms on other floors do not depend on the temperature in the living room (where the thermostat is usually placed)

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