We have already spent a few pages on it, while the system is so compact, below the points again. The system is comprehensive. This page contains another installation video and some downloads.

Temperature control per room: Each room is replaced by Heatapp !, adjust the comfort temperature or the economic temperature per room! Use the system to bring your living room and / or other rooms to a relaxing 19 ° C to a comfortable 22 ° C. On the other hand, save on rooms where a lower temperature is desired, by lowering the room temperature in those rooms you will save on energy costs.

Freely adjustable switching times:
Your rooms are with Heatapp! only heated when you want it at the set temperature! If your children are at school between 9:00 am and 15:00 pm, simply set this for the respective rooms, that way you effectively save on heating costs.

Quick scenarios renderings: With the integrated scenarios such as “vacation”, “Party”, “boost”, “walk” you react quickly with two simple clicks to remain flexible in everyday situations. You save on heating costs when you use the holiday function, but also if you only exercise for a short time.

Individual access: With Heatapp! it is possible to give each family member their own access rights. Let your children, for example, set the temperature in your children's rooms themselves.

Personal Settings app: Individualize your app according to your wishes and needs! Including photos of your rooms added to the set room as well as a name for the room, this simplifies use for everyone in the family.

Always stay in control: With Heatapp! you always have an overview of the heating mode in each room. You can see at a glance which rooms are currently being heated and also which room will actively save you on heating costs.

Control hot water possible: With the Heatapp! system that OpenTherm can be connected to your heat source, you can even control your hot water supply! You will then have hot water just in time for the morning shower, which saves you a lot of energy costs on otherwise unnecessary heating of this hot water.

Always up to date: With the integrated Live View, you can retrieve the information from your system at any time! This way you are always aware of important basic information about your system.

Error messages Forward: At your request, Heatapp! forward error messages in real time directly to your heating system specialist. Your installer can then respond quickly and often troubleshoot via remote access, while you can relax and concentrate on work or some well-deserved time off.