heat app!

In 2014 we obtained the exclusive sales rights for the Benelux from EbV for their wireless App controlled thermostatic control system Heatapp.

Many installers already work regularly, some even on a daily basis, with equipment from EbV. Without them actually knowing this. EbV has long been the producer of control cabinets for various boiler manufacturers such as Remeha, Atag, Intergas and the Bosch group (Nefit and Bosch).

Their knowledge enables them to fabricate a perfect arrangement. A control that communicates seamlessly with your boiler. This system also works perfectly in the case of district heating.

Simple heating control via the app

The System can be operated by a smartphone or tablet with Android application or iOS app. The desired temperature can be easily set for any room. What is also useful are the One Touch scenarios that have a holiday function. So it's no problem if you forgot to turn off the heating while on vacation. You can easily arrange it through the app and this can save a lot of energy and money!

Temperature regulation per room

Freely adjustable switching times

Quick display of scenarios

Individual access

Personal settings app

Always stay in control

Control hot water possible

Always up to date

Heatapp! - the facts at a glance:

Up to 24 rooms or zones can be controlled individually.

Radiators and underfloor heating systems can be set in combination.

Good, easy, remote control via the App for Android or iOS systems.

Installation of Heatapp! by qualified companies.

The installation and commissioning of the plug & play system takes about an hour.

Up to 30% savings on heating costs.

Heatapp! technology and quality are made in Germany.