heat app!

In 2014 we obtained the exclusive sales rights for the Benelux from EbV for their wireless App controlled thermostatic control system Heatapp.

Many installers already work regularly, some even on a daily basis, with equipment from EbV. Without them actually knowing this. EbV has long been the producer of control cabinets for various boiler manufacturers such as Remeha, Atag, Intergas and the Bosch group (Nefit and Bosch).

Their knowledge enables them to fabricate a perfect arrangement. A control that communicates seamlessly with your boiler. This system also works perfectly in the case of district heating.

How it works

Intelligent and energy-efficient heating control: that is Heatapp!

With Heatapp! you can control the temperature in various rooms in your home from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.
By using Heatapp! interesting energy savings can be achieved.
Heatapp! is a very professional solution to increase the comfort in your home and also save considerably on energy consumption: you can determine the ideal temperature for each room, whenever you want.
Heatapp! is suitable for systems with radiators and / or underfloor heating (or wall heating)
As a heat source you can use all possible heat sources: central heating boiler, district heating, heat pump or solar energy systems.

In other words, Heatapp! can be used with any heating system!


The wireless individual room control for each room offers you the possibility to control the desired temperature per room.

The Heatapp! wirelessly controlled radiator controls (Heatapp! Drives) communicate with the Heatapp! base (Heatapp-Base).
Each room is heated as you wish and only when you need it. That saves energy.

Energy saving

A family with 4 people in about 130 m2 The house consumes approximately 18.200 kWh of energy annually and currently pays approximately € 1.500,00 for heating and hot water.

With the Heatapp! system, you can save up to 30% on those energy costs.
This means significant annual savings, which is also environmentally friendly.

Anytime, anywhere

The Heatapp! heating control forms the basis for a wireless network that can be controlled via WIFI.

You can control the climate in your home at any time from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet: as you wish.

Easy to install

The Heatapp! The basis is formed by the wireless components for individual room control. Easy to install by the specialist. The configuration is easily set up step by step in the installation wizard.
You can start using the Heatapp within minutes! system: all information is stored within your own system.