VTE smartersolutions BV Part of VTE group BV underfloor heating and piping systems An intelligent and energy-efficient heating control VTE Heatapp! Read more about Heatapp here! Our range of products makes us a total supplier for all types of pipe systems. View our products here about our wide range and qualitative systems? ASK CONTACT US

VTE is engaged in the development of high-quality, but especially sustainable, systems. Through the wholesaler, these systems are sold to the installer, to whom we offer support in various ways.

Plastics play a major role in the development and manufacture of new systems. These products are not only developed, but also manufactured entirely in-house with the latest robotic production lines. The lines are able to manufacture 140 underfloor heating units per hour, of both steel and plastic, whereby the quality is continuously monitored. In addition, VTE introduced its own underfloor heating pipe in 2020. The high-quality tube is a great success! The price, high quality and workability are of a high level.

We are well aware of all climate requirements in the field of heating and cooling systems. Since all methods of installation within Europe are almost the same, VTE has solutions for almost all situations in several countries in Europe. Soon more about our activities and projects abroad.

Our delivery times are very short. Due to the large stock and good agreements with suppliers, we can quickly provide our customers at home and abroad with all products. VTE Smartersolutions BV supplies exclusively through professional trade.

The advantages:

  • For sale in the Netherlands at more than 40 wholesalers / trading companies (mostly in stock);
  • Units are built and tested in Ede within our own company;
  • The only floor heating distributor manufacturer with its own on-site service department;
  • Not just complete underfloor heating systems, but complete piping systems;
  • Drawing and calculation work is carried out entirely in-house;
  • 5 year warranty on all steel dividers;
  • 10 year warranty on the plastic dividers.

HVAC systems

VTE has a complete piping system in its range, which allows us to profile ourselves as a total supplier.


VTE is one of the largest players in the Netherlands and a fast-growing player in Europe. A full plastic distributor program will be introduced to the market in 2021.

Zone control

In 2021, a completely new, app-controlled, zone control program will be launched on the market.

Partly due to the enormous growth in recent years, it has been decided to automate or robotise a large part of the production. Together with Z-tech Solutions BV, a specialist in solving complex issues in the field of robotization of production processes, a solution has been devised for our production processes.

We are expected to start using the first production line in Q3 2021.

More than 230.000 underfloor heating units and or systems sold.

VTE zone control!

Control the temperature in each room individually and save energy? The wireless individual room control takes care of this. Very simple and efficient. Via the app, so fully remote controllable!

Heat each room separately, as you wish. And only when you think it is necessary.

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Nice design

The appearance of a product is just as important as its technical operation. We always look for balance for these aspects.

High Quality

All our products meet the highest requirements and have been tested for function and quality by both us and our supplier.


Our objective is to respond quickly and adequately to your questions, orders and wishes. Nothing is impossible as long as all reason is there.

Service & Support

As the only manufacturer of underfloor heating in the Netherlands, we have our own service department to assist you on location. Service is of paramount importance. We do everything we can to provide the best service.

100% Transparent

We work with our customers transparently and with an open mind. To provide you with the best and clearest possible service. There are no limits in this case.

From big to small

We do not have large customers, nor do we have small customers. Every customer is the same, big or small!

Short lines

We work with short lines of communication to provide our customers with their needs and wishes clearly and directly.

Completely according to your wishes

Working “out-of-the-box” is normal for us. We provide tailor-made solutions for heating, cooling, plumbing and pipe networks. Units can also be custom ordered in small quantities.


Ideas and / or improvements? We are always open to this. Let us know by email or phone.