About us

About us

Verwarmings Techniek Ede specializes in complete underfloor heating, piping and cooling systems. You can also contact us for unique underfloor heating pipes and steel and stainless steel fittings.

Besides the complete HVAC range, our added value lies in extensive service and in-house engineering. We are a fast-growing, innovative, and international organization that feels like a family business. Excellent service, a no-nonsense policy, and a competitive price-quality ratio. These are our key points. For us, there is no such thing as big or small customers. Everyone is equal! And the same goes for our workplace. VTE offers employees a friendly and open working environment with personal attention for each employee. As a team, we strive for the best result.

Our story


Quintessentially VTE

Our clients only excel when we set the bar at least as high as they do. We do that with:

Complete range
We are continuously expanding our complete HVAC package in order to unburden our clients. One place for all your needs.

In-house engineering
VTE goes beyond just quality products. With advice, support, and layout designs, we help make every project a success.

Competitive rates
We offer all our products at low prices. This leaves the professional with a healthy margin.

Service and support
With extensive (video) instruction and downloadable BIM manuals, we help every professional on their way.

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