New stainless steel distributor completes range of VTE Smartersolutions

A complete package for the HVAC market with manifolds, pipe, fittings, fittings, zone controls and insulation materials, supplied by VTE Smartersolutions, for underfloor heating, piping and cooling systems. A reliable partner, for wholesale and OEM customers always looking for improvements and additions to serve its customers even better. With its own designed and developed line of distributors where recently the latest addition to the range was completed: a stainless steel distributor for floor heating. From 2 to 12 groups, with a 1 inch connection, a full outlet and standard adjustable thermostatic valves.

Marcel Jansen, Sales & Engineering: “After the composite distributor introduced earlier this year and of course developed in-house, this is the distributor that completes the picture. Unique? No, but a valuable and useful addition considering the questions we get from the market.”


Incidentally, the components used are interchangeable and thus applicable to virtually the entire range, which is convenient. “The distributor is statically adjusted as standard: all groups open as a fixed setting. Optionally, the manifold is available with dynamically adjustable valves. Dynamically adjustable means that you keep set values fixed. We notice that the demand for this type of distributor with these valves continues to increase. The demand for well-balanced installations where the unnecessary pumping of many liters of water belongs to the past. Smarter, more efficient, better for the environment and energy-saving.”

Looking Forward

In a market that, especially at this time, can be called fickle to say the least, it is difficult to look well into the future. But of course you have to, especially at a time when the energy transition is everywhere. Things must and can be different, and VTE Smartersolutions is also trying to do its part. In various ways.

“The demand for well-balanced systems, where the unnecessary pumping of many gallons of water is a thing of the past, is increasing.”

As an example, we are currently investigating whether the production of distributors can be realized closer to home in order to lower the footprint of the company and its products. In this case by reducing transport movements. Marcel Jansen: “In essence, of course, it’s about more security in your supply chain. We are working hard on it and I expect that in not too long we will be able to take steps in that direction. We are talking about from ‘overseas’ to ‘European’. How and what? More soon!”

Added value

Another process VTE Smartersolutions is in the middle of is preparing for ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 provides the user with an instrument for developing and improving the effectiveness of the quality management system. Commenting on its importance, Marcel Jansen says: “Apart from the external demand for this certification, we also think it is important to better visualize and record our business processes. Who does what and why? Where do your things come from and where do they go?

“We are currently looking into whether the production of distributors can be realized closer to home, in order to bring down the footprint of the company and its products.”

And many more such questions. Once established, that also gives more peace in the organization and all lines are clear. For us, but of course also for our customers, the certificate clearly adds value. The audit for certification will most likely take place in the first quarter of 2023.” The renovation of the building on the Hoefweg in Ede is in full swing. Important for carrying out all the work as efficiently as possible, but also to soon have the possibility to provide training. “You see quite a few lateral entrants into the market and they sometimes lack knowledge. Together with professional partners, we will work on this to take that level of knowledge to the next level.”

Text: Bob de Jong


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