One pipe for all applications

VTE’s multilayer pipe (MLB) offers an energy-efficient and innovative solution available in several variants, each designed to meet all your specific needs. Whether you choose the standard, pre-insulated or the variant with jacketed pipe, all pipes are produced in accordance with the latest DIN / ISO requirements and meet all necessary BRL standards, thus VTE guarantees the highest quality with, among other things, a 10-year full warranty including consequential damage coverage. Naturally, the pipes also have a valid KOMO® certificate.

VTE’s 5-layer and dimensionally stable PE-RT pipe with aluminum core connects seamlessly to high-quality floor heating systems, but can also be used for radiator and primary piping systems. The pipes are also approved for use in district heating systems. Thanks to its universal pipe design, the pipe is suitable for compression, press, sleeve and push fittings, ensuring easy and efficient installation.

In modern installation techniques, multilayer pipe is essential and is known as a reliable solution in heating technology. With MLB pipes, you combine technical efficiency with durability, creating comfortable and energy-efficient environments.

Choose quality and performance with MLB pipes from VTE, and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient heat source in your home or business premises!


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