VTE KU-LTH manifold

Art. nr. 4510015

LTH manifolds are ideal for sustainable heating systems that operate at lower temperatures. Hence the name: Low Temperature Heating. An LTH manifold makes it possible to have recirculating fluid flow directly back to the heat source (such as a heat pump, solar boiler or a low central heating boiler) after heat release. There the fluid is then brought up to temperature again to continue flowing towards the manifold. Because no separate pump is needed, the underfloor heating can heat at a lower temperature. This also results in a lower energy bill. Our LTH manifolds are available in models for 2 to 15 groups.

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Plastic composite manifold made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide including 2 air vents, 2 filling and draining valves, 2 thermometers, pre-adjustable valves M30, adjustable flow meters, excluding ball valves.

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